Stacey 's Unique Approach

Why a Health Coach?

Life has definitely been a journey of self discovery.  I found something so wonderful and beautiful... Love.  I learned how to love myself, take care of myself, and prioritize.  But that wasn't always the case.  It took me quite some time to discover my strengths and weaknesses.

As a single mom raising three children and in a unhealthy relationship, I didn't have the time to take care of myself.  Life was chaotic and a struggle to survive.  I had no strength, stamina or energy.  I was depleted...  My relationship and finances were sucking the life out of me.  Through it all I stayed positive hoping for a better outcome but I didn't realize that I was going to have to gain the courage to say enough is enough and get my children and self out of a verbally abusive relationship that was toxic for every one involved.  I felt like I was being choked and dieing a slow death.  That's when I hit my breaking point. I rented a truck and moved out and away from that unhealthy and toxic relationship.  I felt free and liberated. This was my turning point and I made change happen. Even though it took sometime to get my self situated I did it and moved forward not looking back... 2015 was the year for change!


That was just the beginning of my journey.  I found mentors online and slowly started to focus on my future.  What was my vision for myself(love. health. wealth. happiness) what would that look like for me if I could have all those areas of my life fulfilled?  I knew watching and listening to my mentor that I would have to invest in myself if I wanted to have the life I want.  So I made a decision to go to Hollywood on a retreat to meet my mentor and other like minded people.  I met some amazing people and made great connections.  I was so inspired and motivated that I became consciously aware of my health and life.  I started to read and follow inspirational speakers and connect with people who were like minded on social media.  I wanted to soak in all this knowledge and inspiration.  I was on fire.


In January of 2016, I said yes to making a commitment to my future in getting the body I wanted.  The result: after 13 years I finally released those last stubborn 10 pounds and excess weight around my belly. I discovered how one's mind and body could be transformed.  


I feel and look better than I ever have in my life.  Confident, sexy, healthy, fit, energized and alive!  I feel like there is no stopping me from achieving great things in all aspects of my life!! Love, Heath, Wealth and Happiness!
How you may ask... I challenged myself with movement (exercise. jogging. gym. yoga/meditation) I focused on nutrition, health, and better food choices like kicking my sugar habit once and for all!  I got out in the world and enjoyed Mother nature, took adventures, and shared my journey with my friends.  I began experimenting with social media, posting fun and inspirational videos, stories and adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all while I was getting in the best shape of my life.  You can follow me there now to see me in action.  I continue to share, offer tips and motivation.  
My goal is to share my story, inspire change and be that spark in someone's life.


As a certified health coach and personal trainer I get to live my life doing what I love, helping transform the lives of others one day at a time.  So wether you have goals, desires, aspirations or don't know yet?  I can help and coach you on your journey to discovering and becoming the best possible version of you so you too can have and live a healthFit life you LOVE!